What Next?

Wherever possible, it's good to have an initial chat over the phone so you can decide whether I'm the right Celebrant for you.

Then, we'll arrange to meet. This is usually at your home, but we can meet elswhere, or by phone if you prefer. Wherever we meet,  it's important you feel comfortable and able to share what you wish about your loved one. 

Our Meeting

We'll spend as long as we need talking about your loved one.  If you have questions, this is a good time to raise them so I can make sure you're satisfied with everything. 

There'll be sadness, and perhaps a few tears. But there can also be smiles and laughter, too;  after all, the ceremony will be a celebration of the life of your loved one. 

Of course, we'll keep in touch after the meeting.  So, if you have extra information, or would like to ask a question, we can discuss these as they arise. 

Preparing the Ceremony

If you or others would like to speak at the ceremony, we'll agree the details so I can be sure to allow enough time. 

If you've asked me to find an appropriate reading for you,  I'll do that as soon as possible so you can approve the reading and have lots of time to become familiar with it. 

When it's ready, I'll send a draft of the Eulogy for you to read and check that the facts are absolutely correct.  Of course, if something needs changing, you just need to let me know.  

On the Day

Every ceremony's different; but the starting point  is always the same.  As you arrive, I'll be there to greet you. 

If you or someone else is reading or giving a personal tribute, at the right moment I'll invite you to come forward.  And I'll have a copy of your reading on hand, just in case you need it. 

Things to Think About

Before our meeting, you might like to consider:

  • What did your loved one enjoy doing?
  • What was most important to them?
  • Are there any particular pieces of music, or readings,  you would like to be included in the ceremony? 
  • Are there any other things that simply have to be included?
  • Are there any family members or friends who wish to take part (perhaps by reading a poem or saying a few words in tribute)?
  • Do you have a favourite picture of your loved one?  If so, I'd love to see it when we meet. 

After the Ceremony

The time following the ceremony is for you, your family and friends; I've no wish to intrude. But if you would like to speak to me, I always remain on hand immediately afterwards.

Finally, and if you wish, I provide a transcript of the complete ceremony.  There is no extra charge for this.